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Head Coaches & Lead Coach Programme 

All coaching at the Club is carried out by a team of professionally qualified coaches.

Both the girls' and boys' sections have a Head Coach. The roles of the Head Coaches in the Junior Section include mentoring the Lead Coaches team, co-contributors in setting the junior programme curriculum with our Cricket Director, overseeing the progress made by each of our juniors through continuous assessment carried out by the lead coaches to name but a few. Our Head coaches available for conversations with parents with regards to general training and matches and can be contacted in your Spond Groups, via email our in person after training sessions or during Friday Open/Social Nights.


Our Head Coaches are: 









  Monty Sajdewa - Girls Section                                      Dilshan De Silva - Boys Section

The Lead Coaching programme was trialled two years ago on our return from the pandemic. The team now consists of twelve very talented coaches including our Women's 1st XI Captain, previous Academy captains, current professionally contracted players and most of the team started their cricketing journey with the Club from as young as six years old!

The roles of the Lead coaches are to administer each of the age groups by leading on the training sessions for their nominated age group, carrying out continuous assessment to track progress and attainment across the season, create squads and select teams for league matches. They are the first point of contact with the Club for parents and juniors. The team work together to deliver all training sessions across all the age groups, and in doing so will get to know, and be known, by all of our members. That does mean that they are unable to attend matches in person but with the assistance of our supportive parents, who umpire, score and fill in match reports at matches, they are able to prepare our junior teams by teaching the squad the art of game strategy, responsibility for warming themselves up as a unit and fairness in play while representing the Club.

Our Lead Coaches for 2023 are:

BU8 & BU9 - Scott Conway

GU9 - Charlie Whipple

BU10 - James Weir

GU10-11 - Ned Dunning

BU11 - Billy Sewell

GU12 - Ben Coddington

BU12 - Jamie Ash Vie

GU13 & 14 - Stephen Zayler

BU14 - Dilshan De Silva

GU15 - Jenny Blofeld

BU15 - Michael Turner

Please take a look at our YouTube channel where you (can follow, like and subscribe) will find a short introductory video from each of the coaches can be found by following this link below.

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Dilshan De Silva.png
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